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Free Sex Video and scene - The Girl Next Door 10. Our latest collection includes snippets of: “Lystra†, “Correction Facility†and Therapist: Sexual Frustrations.†In “Lystra†Mistress Gemini is a bit short tempered with her slave Lystra. She seats her on the hot leather seat of the car, without panties, on the way over to the park. And after meeting an old friend she is traded to her for a few days for additional discipline. In “Correction Facility†two young detainees are brought into the detention center by Natalia, one of the officials. Caught trying to escape, both Lystra and Jason are treated to a hand spanking, paddling and strapping, and finally a caning. Their bottoms are bright red and their cries are falling upon deaf ears. And finally in “Therapist: Sexual Frustrations†two young women who are sadly not being spanked by their boyfriends, must see Dr. Nik immediately. They must obtain their badly needed discipline and he's just the man to do it. No sooner are they shooed out, than Scarlett is brought in and she too is treated to his special kind of discipline. These ladies will no longer be sexually frustrated!

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